Friday, March 12, 2010


I hate them! I loathe them! I may just throw some gasoline on the flowers beds in the front yard and torch the darn things.

I took the opportunity (after much procrastination) on a beautiful, slightly cool (if you stood in the shade for too long) afternoon while Maggie napped to tackle our two flower beds. Sydney joined me with her side walk chalk, some pink lemonade, and her triceratops (appropriately name Triceratops) for some afternoon bonding. Now understand, when you have Sydney around there are lots of questions, jokes, questions, thumbs up breaks, questions, and the occasional freaking out if a bug comes within 50 feet of her. I answered her questions with "That's a good question" most of the time since I didn't know what kind of each of the 5,430,291,002 weeds that have decided to make a home in our yard. Oh well, it works for now.

Oh, I can feel the repercussion already. My shoulders...they ache. But, in between all the quirky conversations we had we did have a sweet...but short...discussion of how weeds are like sins. "SINS!?! Oh, Momma, that ain't good." We are working on the "ain't" thing but I chose not to direct our time towards that. I explained how sins can take over our lives like weeds take over a flower bed. Before you know it you have some major cleaning out to do. Then somehow that lead to littering and how we should take care of our earth. You never know where our little conversations will go when Sydney is involved.

I do feel good about a few things. One, it's done....for now....they'll come back...wait I'm trying to think of the good things. Two, I spent the afternoon outside in the beautiful weather. Come July, I'll look back to this day (when the thought of going outside makes you sweat) and say, "Remember that one day that it was sooo nice outside?" Three, Sydney was so excited to work outside. She pulled about 25 weeds and decided that raking was more her forte.

I don't want to go into the bad things about pulling weeds...there are a few. Pain, dirt, recurrence....not going there. Mulch anyone?

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