Monday, September 7, 2009

The Perfect Mix.

I was sitting this afternoon on the couch with Maggie in my lap and I couldn't stop thinking about how she looks so much like her daddy. Then I started thinking of how much she acts like me when I was that age (or so I'm told). So I decided to make a list of each girls and what they were so lucky to have received from their daddy and I. Here it goes....

From her daddy-sits with her legs out, green eyes, love for super heros and reading, and imagination!
From me-small head, green eyes (we both have them), stubborn personality, and outgoing nature(I was very much so at her age)

From her daddy-looks, looks, looks!
From me-hmmm...I've heard she acts just like me.

Sooo...we have one that looks like me, but acts like her daddy and the other one looks like her daddy but acts like me. How cool is that?